The Church in Bristol
“Christ is our life; the church is our living!”

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                                   Christ’s Requirements of the Local Churches

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                                   Church and the Work

                                   Contending for the Faith (English / Chinese)

                                   Count Zinzendorf      

                                   Eating and Drinking Christ in the Local Churches

                                   Experiencing and Enjoying Christ in the Local Churches

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                                   Factors of Division

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                                   God’s Complete Salvation

                                   God’s Economy

                                   God’s Eternal Purpose Being Realized through the Local Churches

                                   God’s Revelation and Recovery

                                   Gospelize, Truthize, and Churchize America

                                   Ground of the Church revealed in the New Testament

                                   Ground of the Church Sequentially typified in the Old Testament

                                   Ground of the Local Church

                                   History of the Local Churches

                                   Holy Bible Recovery Version (English / Chinese)

                                   Hymns by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

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                                   John Nelson Darby

                                   Last Adam

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                                   Living to Him

                                   Local Church (Sitemap of Thirty-Six Websites)

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                                   Local Churches being the Practicality of the Universal Church

                                   Local Churches in the Book of Revelation

                                   Local Churches Typified in the Book of Psalms

                                   Lord’s Move to Europe

                                   Lord’s Recovery

                                   Lord’s Recovery Information Portal (Chinese)

                                   Mainland China Scholar Work

                                   Margaret E. Barber

                                   Mary E. McDonough God’s Plan of Redemption

                                   Martin Luther

                                   Meeting and Spiritual Exercise of the Local Church

                                   Oneness, Essence, Life, and Nature of the Local Church


                                   Practical Building Up of the Local Churches

                                   Practical Expression of the Church

                                   Practicality of the Church


                                   Proper Practice of the Local Church

                                   Recovery of the Local Churches

                                   Recovery of the Ground and Practice of the Local Churches


                                   Six Characteristics of a Genuine Local Church

                                   Scriptures – Source and History

                                   Scriptural Outlines Topics of God’s Economy

                                   Spiritual Biographies

                                   Testimony of Church History concerning the Ground of the Church  

                                   Tripartite Man

                                   Triune God

                                   Two Aspects of the Church – Universal and Local

                                   Watchman Nee - 

                                   A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age

                                   Witness Lee - 

                                   A Builder According to the Divine Revelation

                                   Witness Lee on the Local Church

                                   Witness Lee’s Relationship with Watchman Nee

                                   Universal Church and Local Churches