The Church in Bristol
“Christ is our life; the church is our living!”


Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness - A.P.

I feel over the past few months the Lord has given me a verse to consider and muse on. This verse is Matthew 6:33 for it says that we must seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and everything else will be added to us. This verse has probably influenced me the most in regards to applying to the Full-Time Training in London. Having graduated from Swansea University, Wales in the summer of 2008, I was still undecided whether to go to the FTTL or not. Throughout the..... (click here to continue reading)


By God's Mercy to Partake of God's Economy - S.G.

It is by God's grace that I am here in the full-time training in London (FTTL) to learn the Bible and exercise my spirit.  This can be a very long letter and I hope this won't bother you too much.  However, it is indeed my burden to share with you and the burning spirit also kind of pushed me.  Since last week is the pre-training week here and I survive, I would like to share with you my testimony from my salvation to some of my recent enjoyment ... (click here to continue reading)


Bethel or Ai - C.L

I was born in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan, and I received the Lord at around the age of 7 through my aunt. But about two years earlier, the Lord had prepared me for my salvation through a very unforgettable experience. One morning the phone rang, and as my mom hung up the phone, she told me in a shaking voice: “Grandpa just died”—my mom’s adoptive father, whom I adored very much, had just died of stroke that very morning...... (click here to continue reading)


 Bring Christ to my friends - Y.C.

Not long after I got saved in the Lord, I started to have burden for my best friend;  I really wanted to introduce this Christ to her.  I still remembered a brother once shared that he did not have much Bible knowledge, but the zeal of his heart for the absoluteness of the gospel overcame any other thing and he just started preaching Christ to his classmates.  So, one early morning, after my morning watch, I called my best friend.  I started to speak ... (click here to continue reading)