Personal Testimony of Y.C..

Bring Christ to my friends

         Not long after I got saved in the Lord, I started to have burden for my best friend; I really wanted to introduce this Christ to her. I still remembered a brother once shared that he did not have much Bible knowledge, but the zeal of his heart for the absoluteness of the gospel overcame any other thing and he just started preaching Christ to his classmates. So, one early morning, after my morning watch, I called my best friend. I started to speak whatever I knew about Christ, starting from Genesis, the two trees, Adam and Eve, how the Lord came into me to be my life, etc. The more I spoke, the more my heart was bumping, the more I became so burdened to get this friend saved. She was so patient in listening to me and was eager to ask questions. She was also very honest to me that she would never ever believe into Christ due to all the scientific proofs. However, one thing she could not understand was that she saw a great change in me. She said that I became so happy, always smiling, so active and talkative, as if the baptism really did bring the old Yee Yee into death (Rom. 6:4). I did not give up on her and also invited her to have some time with me and with my spiritual mother. However, she strongly refused the gospel.

         Before leaving for the UK, I was still so burdened for my best friend. In our last gathering, I simply told her an illustration of hands and a pair of gloves (WE ARE MADE TO CONTAIN GOD: 2 Cor. 4:7; Rom. 9:21-24). Then I gave her one of the sisters’ contact information in case she needed to meet with the saints. She appreciated the conversation and all the effort I made. But she was also really honest confessing that she would never contact this sister and was so firm in her decision that Christ is not for her. I was really upset with the outward situation as presented. However, I was told that bringing sinners into salvation is a spiritual warfare and it requires much prayer (Eph. 6:17-18). I was encouraged to pray for her even after I left my home country. I did not know what great things the Lord had done to her. But after 6 months, this best friend emailed me. She told me that once she felt that she was exactly in the situation where she was a pair of empty gloves, needing the hand which is Christ to fill up the emptiness. Without further delay, right away she called up some saints and the son of peace just brought in salvation! Hallelujah! It was such an incentive for me to go on with the Lord and be encouraged to bring more friends into Christ.

         From my first experience of gospel preaching to my friends, I learned not just to pray unceasingly, but also to have a heart to care for my friends to be saved. For this, I learned to have an aggressive desperation towards their salvation. I also learned to be patient in gospel work just as farmers sowing seeds; they could not expect a harvest the following day after the seed has been sown.

          1 Thes. 2:4 “But even as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not as pleasing men but God, who proves our hearts.”

My first term FTTL (2010 Spring)

         Thank You Lord for Your mercy I could complete the first term of the full-time training. It is really His sovereignty that I could give myself to Him to be trained with those who love Him in this merciful environment.

          I have to say that my first term has been so enjoyable and of course there have been many dealings with the Lord to break my outer man. I guess one of my topmost enlightenments is to be exposed in my character. Only by the divine shining from the Lord would we really know who we are (John 3:21). It is never by the self adjustment or being told by others’ manufactured light, but by the shining from God as light. I realized that our disposition and national character could create big hindrances for the work of the Lord. In our going on with the Lord, I realize more and more that our work of the Lord is intimately related to our character. Particularly in the matter of coordination, many times I was exposed to see that I acted according to my inborn nature. The Lord will never use our natural ability and capability because they go against the principle of the Body. I see that the stronger our disposition is, the less our function is manifested. For us to be useful to the Lord, we first need to overthrow all our dispositions in prayer and give Him our full cooperation to perfect and train us with a proper character.

          Having completed the first term, I realized that I do not even know how to love people. Only the divine love could be approved by the fire and is everlasting unto eternity (1 Cor. 3:10-15). If we do not take heed to the mingled spirit, it is so easy to create intimate relationships according to our natural choice, which is typified by honey in the Old Testament. And it would eventually become leaven. I start to see more that the key to our Christian life and the kernel of God’s economy is the mingled spirit (Eph.3:5). The moment we are not in our mingled spirit, we are one with Satan in our flesh (Rom. 8:6; Gal. 5:16, 25; 6:8). May we be exercised to pay attention and to stay in our mingled spirit.

         I also appreciated that the training provides you opportunity to spend time with the Lord, just to be infused with Him and to appreciate Him the very person alone. We all love the Lord, and almost every time our first response in loving the Lord is to offer Him something, to work for Him. Actually, many times the Lord desires our very self to come to Him, as much as we desire to seek Him the very person (Hymn #1048). The more I spend time with the Lord, the more I realize that we would never graduate from confession – keep a pure and clean conscience (2 Cor. 4:12; 1 Tim. 1:5, 19) and consecration – we are of God (1 Cor. 6:19-20). This is the key for me to start a fresh day with the Lord in the morning as daily basis. Then it would be easier to continue the rest of the day.